Run, Walk, Crawl for Rangers

[กด ที่นี่ เพื่ออ่านภาษาไทย]

Join us in the “Run, Walk, Crawl for Rangers” from 1-30 September 2021.

Get fit, support Wildlife Ranger Teams who risk their lives protecting elephants, wildlife & forests around the globe. Have a chance to win one of 50+ fantastic prizes with a total value over US$ 45,000 (see the most updated list here) , including:

How to register

  1. Create an account on (use an email that you will use in submitting your steps report)
  2. Click “Register” on Run, Walk, Crawl for Rangers page (
  3. Fill in your information. (You can use your real name or nickname you wish to be shown on your e-Ticket and e-Certificate)
  4. Insert your photo or a photo you wish to be shown on your e-Ticket and e-Certificate. ( This is compulsory to register so best to have pre chosen & know where they are stored on your device. )
  5. Registration fee is 800 Baht ( If you have a Thai bank account a fund transfer avoids credit card fees but may take up to two days to confirm your registration )
  6. Every step, every day counts – you don’t have to work out, just carry your phone or step counter through your daily routine.

How to submit your results

  1. Go to the Run, Walk, Crawl for Rangers page
  2. Click the “submit” button
  3. Click “+ activity log”
  4. Fill in your results and attach a screenshot (you will need a 3rd party app to help you count the steps)
  5. Some examples of free step counter apps: Fitbit, Pacer Pedometer, GoogleFit, StepsApp Pedometer, Charity Miles Walk&Run Tracker
  6. Remember to upload all your logs before MIDNIGHT of 1st October 2021 (Thai time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot seem to complete the registration process, is the website broken?
A: A few participants also reported a similar issue. If you use your Macbook or laptop, it seems that can sometimes run into problem with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. We recommend using Google Chrome for your registration process.

Q: I cannot upload photos for ticket and certificate. How can I do it?
A: This is likely a problem with your browser, if you use a Mac. we recommend using Google Chrome NOT Safari

Q: I can’t travel at the moment, how can I redeem my hotel prizes?
A: All the hotels have given us vouchers, you’ll have at least two years to find time to use them.

Q: Why is there a registration fee of USD 25 (800 baht)?
A: This is actually part of a donation that will be split equally between 5 Wildlife Ranger Teams:
Freeland Foundation, #SurvivingTogether, Thailand.
Wildlife Alliance, Cardamom Ecosystem, Cambodia.
Masungi Georeserve, Philippines
Honeyguide Foundation, Randilen Wildlife Management Area, Tanzania
Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, Cardamom Tented Camp Concession, Cambodia

Q: Can I stack my steps before the event begins?
A: No, you cannot. Only steps tracked during 1 – 30 September are eligible for this event. Besides, not all prizes are reserved for the top runners. You stand a chance in winning a prize as long as you make steps during this event!

Q: Do I have to log my steps every day?
A: You can log your steps anytime before 1st October 2021. However, we suggest you remind yourself to take a screenshot daily because some apps may not keep all your step records.

Q: Can I redeem or exchange the prizes for cash?
A: No, you cannot. The prizes cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. We are sure that you will not want to come back from your stay at these luxury hotels, though.

Q: I don’t have the time and cannot travel to this event.
A: Don’t worry!  This is a virtual event, you can do it from home, in fact there is no need to change your plans at all, just log the steps you take each day with your normal routine.

Q: I don’t do exercise and don’t go to the gym, this is not for me.
A: Don’t worry, prizes will be placed on lucky numbers and anyone can win a great prize there is no need to do anything different, even a few steps in your daily life can work.

Q: This sounds like a great activity for kids, how can they join?
A: Some kids watches – such as i-moo – already count steps and, yes, we’re happy to have kids join as long as can make sure they stay safe during their activities.