Year of birth: 1975
Sex: Female
Shoulder Height: 2.46m
Weight: 4,278 kg (updated: 20 May 2020)
Transferred from: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand
Year of rescue:
Best friend: Ewong and Jathong
Likes: food
Mahout: Berm

Beau was transferred from another foundation called the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, located in Central Thailand. There she also had a wonderful time, but the mahout was looking for a slower pace of life. They then decided to transfer to GTAEF, where Beau now has an unlimited supply of fresh-cut grass, sugarcane and bananas.

Beau is not a soft lady; she is a strong, independent woman with her own ideas in the mind. When she is in a good mood, she can mingle with most elephants, particularly Ewong and Jathong. But when she has set her mind to achieve something, no elephant or mahout can possibly get in her way.

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