Boon Rod – our latest rescue

While everyone else is turning away elephants, we take them in.

Boon Rod is among the many unfortunate elephants affected by this coronavirus-induced crisis.

There are more than 200 elephant camps in Thailand, and they all live off the income of the visitors. Some even need at least 400 visitors per day to break even.

However, the Thai tourism industry has recently hit a new low due to the Coronoavirus. Many elephant camps in Chiang Mai now are shutting their doors temporarily and laying off hundreds, if not thousands, of elephants and mahouts.

Boon Rod has once stayed in our elephant camp and has remained a close friend of us. Like every elephant in the world she needs to eat 200 to 300kg of grass, sugarcane and fruits daily, or equivalent to 600 Baht (20 USD) a day.

But she & her mahout are now jobless since her elephant camp is closing down. Boon Rod’s mahout can perhaps manage to buy her food for one day. Maybe 2 days. What about 1 week? But they know, they can only afford to buy elephant food for so long…

Boon Rod and her human family are getting more desperate by the day… We have, thus, decided to take a risk — we take them in despite running low on funds ourselves.

There are as many as 2,000 elephants in her position. If we raise enough more funds, we can help more elephants like Boon Rod.

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