GTAEF believes it is everyone’s responsibility to conserve our planets and the elephants.

Since 2014, we have joined hands with Minor International and Anantara Resorts and Spas to fund a project to protect Cambodia’s Cardamom wildlife corridor. This project is then executed and overseen by our partner charity, Wildlife Alliance, who have years of experience in Environmental Law Enforcemen in Cambodia.

Cardamom Elephant Corridor

This 18,000-hectare tropical forest is not just a haven for 200 wild elephants (Gov.t Est. 2018), but also clouded leopards, asiatic wild dogs, sun bears, numerous birdlife as well as a regionally significant population of hog badgers.

We have two ranger teams constantly patrolling in the field and removing snares and traps. They also work with the community to reduce hunting and, when necessary, make arrests.

Since 2014 the Ranger team on our concession have:

  • Patrolled an average of 5,344km per year.
  • Collected an average 1,048m of pangolin net per year (reducing from 2,380m in 2014 to 796m in 2019).
  • Pulled an average of 551 snares per year (reducing from 888 in 2014 to 185 in 2019).
  • Confiscated 15 guns.
  • Destroyed 30kg of confiscated bushmeat in 2019

Carbon Offset

This land is also an important storage of an estimated 5 million tonnes of carbon in a mix of tropical rain, melaleuca, mangrove forests and open grasslands where the neighbouring concessions have been clear felled and converted to agriculture.

How can you help?

Come Visit!

Saving Cambodia's Cardamom Rainforest

Spanning 171,000 ha, Botum Sakor is the largest national park in Cambodia. Over the past 10 years, almost 72% of the park has been sold to private businesses, mostly to be clear cut for various plantations. With the help of the Wildlife Alliance rangers, we are striving to protect a 18,000 ha land concession and help keep this forest standing.

Posted by Cardamom Tented Camp on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

If you would like to spend time with “our” rangers, book a stay at the not-for-profit Cardamom Tented Camp. Any proceeds from your unforgettable stay will be used to protect the wider forest and help local communities.

Volunteer Your Time!

GTAEF is responsible for all forest protection costs including keeping the rangers equipped, housed and in the field.

For each donation of 35 USD (1100 Baht), you help to protect ten hectares for one year, preventing approximately 3000kg of carbon from entering entering into the atmosphere.

If you wish to donate, you can choose one of our projects below