Keep A Pangolin From The Pot

“ Each snare is an animal saved, each meter of net is a pangolin saved from the market. ”

GTAEF & partners have been protecting the Cardamom elephant corridor since 2014. This includes a team of Ministry of Interior, Military Police & Wildlife Alliance Rangers. Since 2014 the Ranger team on our concession have:

  • Patrolled an average of 5,344km per year.
  • Collected an average 1,048m of pangolin net per year (reducing from 2,380m in 2014 to 796m in 2019).
  • Pulled an average of 551 snares per year (reducing from 888 in 2014 to 185 in 2019).
  • Confiscated 15 guns.
They have intercepted pangolin poachers and in the last year alone destroyed 30kg of confiscated bushmeat.

 The equipment, food and wages of the rangers are provided in entirety by GTAEF and Cardamom Tented Camp, who in turn depend on tourism for their income and consequently have none.

But now is not the time to turn our back on the world’s Rangers. Without their disruption & prevention of forest destruction and bushmeat trade we will face more regular pandemics while viruses continue to jump from animals to humans.

The pressure still exists, the numbers go down because of constant patrolling.  The minute patrolling stops the work will be undone, all our forest projects are reporting an increase in poaching pressure since COVID-19 tightened its grip.

They and their colleagues around the world are the #ThinGreenLine, the only chance to #PreventTheNextPandemic before it starts.

Click here to help us keep our Rangers #EquippedFitAndFed and #KeepAPangolinFromThePot.