Keeping our gatekeepers

We have always had a Ban Ta Klang vet team to provide medical care for the 300 elephants living in the “Elephant village”, but we are expecting mounting pressure under the current circumstances.

As the elephant camps are shutting down due to the Coronavirus pandemic – whether temporarily or permanently – thousands of mahouts and elephants are now living without income. Our worst nightmare is that some elephants will end up going back to street begging, which is what we rescued the elephants from at first place.

Even if they do not end up on the streets, many elephants have already gone back to their hometown – Surin.

The mahouts will keep the elephants alive via any means possible. But being alive does not mean being in a good shape. Medical care, for example, is one of necessities often deemed as luxury in these low-income areas even for the people, let alone elephants.

We can foresee a lot of sick elephants in the coming months, and we need your help to get ourselves fully armoured for this uphill battle.

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