May Newsletter 2021 | a few words from Cardamom

Instead of focusing on our own elephant, this month we have decided to present to you a few words by Allan Michaud, General Manager of Cardamom Tented Camp. He gave us an update on the situation and problems faced by our project to protect 18,000 of standing forest in Cambodia since the onset of COVID removed all the tourism business, the only additional funding stream for the wider project while we continue to fund the Ranger teams.

While Minor is funding the not-for-profit Cardamom Tented Camp (click here to make a reservation for an otherworldly weekend), GTAEF has been funding two ranger teams who have already:

  • patrolled more than 35,000km
  • collected more than 7,000m of pangolin net
  • pulled more than 3600 snares
  • confiscated at least 15 guns
  • destroyed more than 30kg of confiscated bushmeat

However, the teams are recently challenged with more frequent attempts of land encroachment and even settlement near one of their borders. This means there is no room for us to slack off on conserving this beautiful forest ESPECIALLY during this testing time of economic downturn and travel restrictions. Personally, I even “risked sobriety” in my no-booze challenge in order to fundraise for them.

You can click here if you want to know more about our project in the Cardamom.