Riang Ngern

Year of birth ปีเกิด : ~1970

Sex ประเภท : Male ตัวผู้

Shoulder Height ความสูง : 2.37m

Weight น้ำหนัก : 2,874 kg (updated: 20 Jan 2020)

Rescued from ช่วยเหลือจาก : Chiang Mai

Year of rescue ปีแห่งการช่วยเหลือ : ???

Best friend เพื่อนสนิท : N/A

Likes ชอบ : Being left undisturbed

Dislikes ไม่ชอบ : People standing directly behind or in front of him

Mahout ควาญ : Pong

Riang Ngern was named after his mahout’s last name. Owner is Chob. Riang Ngern was born in Chiang Mai. He was in Chang Puak, Wat Rong Khoon. He was a logging elephant at Southern Thailand, but K. Chob saw that the work was very hard and he was very thin, and decided to buy him and let K. Pong look after him. Riang Ngern likes to eat all kinds of fruits, he doesn’t like young and old elephants, but likes elephants in the middle. Riang Ngern doesn’t like other people, only P. Pong. He came at the same time as Yui.

Before we rescued him from Chiang Mai, he had once worked in a logging camp in Southern Thailand. Like other logging elephants, he had to drag the ginormous logs across the forest or he would receive harsh punishment from the mahouts. Abused and tormented, he started to grow sceptical of any passer-by that came too close. Luckily, he doesn’t have to pull logs anymore, plus we can now help him keep the visitors in their place.