Elephant Camp Manager

Sawatdee ka everyone.

Ou is a southern girl, she was born in Nakhon Srithammarat where there is a mix of cultures, food and natural resources.

Many people might wonder how she became the Elephant Camp Manager. Ou graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology from Mahidol University and she did research about the elephant with Dr. Joshua Plotnik – Founder of Think Elephants International (TEI) – with a big support from TEI and Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF).

She came to do her research “Can Elephants use their trunks to differentiate token textures?” It was the first time that she really had a chance to learn about the elephants; not only about the elephant itself but also with the mahouts and their culture. She volunteered to work with TEI and GTAEF after she graduated and yes, she met John Roberts at GTAEF during that time.

Ou left Golden Triangle to find new experiences for over 3 years and finally she had another big chance to come back and work with Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort and GTAEF again in May 2018. This time, work is more challenging with her new rules and responsibilities, but she is delighted to be here to do what she loves and enjoy her time with the elephants.

Staying in this position for two years is not easy but all the support from the team will make it more fun and it will always lead us to the better way of how we look after the elephants, mahouts and all staff.