Just like Riang Ngern and Look-odd, Yui also belongs to the family of a mahout called Pong and was born in 1992. Measuring up to her shoulders, she stands at 2.51m and weighs over 3,756 kg!

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Mahout: Somkid

Yui used to be a show elephant since she was 3 years old, and has been to various places in Thailand. She is the mother of one female elephant, Nong Benz, who was born in 2004. She last worked at the Chang Puak Elephant Camp near the White Temple, Chiang Rai, before the owner decided to bring her to our foundation in 2017.

According to her mahout, Yui is a woman that has her own pride. She wouldn’t let the mahout touch or catch her when she is in a bad mood, and instead just running around in circles. When she is in a good mood, however, this ex-show elephant can do anything that is told. The same goes to her social life, where she occasionally gets into a fight with other elephants all except her bestfriend Maenoi and Beau.