Year of birth: 1992

Sex: Female

Shoulder Height: 2.51m

Weight: 3,756 kg (updated: 28 Jan 2020)

Rescued from: Chiang Mai

Year of rescue: 2017

Best friend: Maenoi

Likes: Going into the river with Maenoi

Dislikes: Strangers

Mahout: Somkid

She used to be a show elephant since she was 3 years old, and has been to various places in Thailand. But the last time she was a show elephant at Chiang Mai. Then she went to ปางช้างเผือก chang puak camp chiang rai, at Rong Khoon Temple. And then came to GTAEF in 2017. Yui had a baby elephant in 2004, Nong Benz (female), now she is still in Chiang Mai.

Yui has pride and doesn’t let mahout touch or catch when she is in a bad mood. Just walk in circles. But when she is in a good mood, she can do anything that she is told. She can hug people with her trunk. Her best friend is Maenoi. If she doesn’t like an elephant, she would hit them. Owner is K. Chob ชอบ

Just like Riang Ngern and Look-odd, Yui also belongs to the family of a mahout called Pong. We rescued Yui from a trekking camp. Being a smart girl, she had already mastered multiple commands such as making a cute “thank you” sound and hugging people with her trunk. Her tricks will easily make your heart melt like ice cream.